What is Jousta?

Jousta is an auction service that optimizes the decision making process by providing the most efficient solution for projects. The foundation is in the reverse-auction process in which the price is decreased with each successive bid.

How does the service work?

In this auction, buyers post items for which they require goods or service. By posting to the goods or service, provided the reserve price is met for the project, the buyer is committing to proceeding with the work. Provided the minimum technical requirements are met by the bidder (goods or service provider), bidders then compete for the work via the auction, with the lowest-cost provider at auction close being awarded the work.

What is the value for my company?

More work and more revenue. By posting to the goods or service, buyers are committing to the work provided the project reserve pricing is met. This optimizes goods or service company utilization by getting equipment to the field and working where revenue can be generated for all parties (bidders and buyers).

Who selects the bidders?

The Buyer. By completing the application process, bidders (goods or service providers) identify their safety and insurance registrations, category of goods or service provided, and area of delivery. Buyers will select the pre-qualified applicants from this list for their auction.

Why should I participate?

Buyers authorize the work provided the reserves are met. Utilization is optimized. People go to work and get projects started. It eliminates bid-shopping and "reading-the-mail" to award their "favorites" the work. Transparency is a cornerstone of the goods or service.

What are the fees?

We have a series of subscription packages designed to tailor to an individuals needs, with annual subscription as low a $zero and fees as low as 0.9% depending on the package you choose.

How do I learn more about the auction items?

The Technical Description and Terms links on each auction contain all of the details and minimum requirements for each auction. In the event you have technical questions or clarifications, please email and one of our support staff will be glad to assist you.

Is my company name made available to other bidders?

No. Integrity is a fundamental objective of Jousta. We will never disclose the bid-list to competing suppliers. The auctioneer is the only person that has access to that information as the live auction progresses to the end.

I forgot my Jousta Password, or reset my password?

Go to the customer login section of the Jousta website. Below the login section is the password reset link. Enter your email address and an updated password will be sent to your account. If you have any difficulties please contact one of us at

I want to retract my bid. How do I do that?

Bids cannot be retracted. Bid with the knowledge that each bid is binding and could be a winning bid. In the event of a technical error, please email Please reference the auction number and your userID in your email to expedite support. Note that all open bids at the time of auction close are deemed binding and final.

How do I contact Jousta customer service?

Please email Please reference the auction number and your user ID.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Our services use the same encryption and data protection measures as standard internet protocol to ensure your data remains with you and only within your activity on the site.

Why can't I type in my bid price?

Depending on your keyboard configuration, the number keys at the top of the keyboard are required for data entry. Entries using the number pad may not work from all brands of keyboards. This is a security feature to prevent bidders from entering negative bids!

What's the difference between a Closed Bid and a Reverse Auction?

A closed bid auction works more like a traditional bid process. You may submit supporting documents along with your bid, and the Buyer will select a provider based on a number of factors – not just price. A reverse auction awards the work to the lowest bidder who was invited to the auction. It is 100% the Buyer's decision who gets invited to an auction.

How do Reserve Prices Work?

A reserve price is the maximum amount a buyer is willing to pay for a particular service. If the reserve price is not met in an auction, the buyer may choose to award the work or cancel the auction outright.

What is the Auto-Bid function?

The auto bid function allows a Seller to enter in the minimum bid they are willing to sell at, and the system will automatically outbid any competing bids that are above your minimum bid.

How does the Minimum bid work?

You may enter the lowest price you are willing to accept the work for. The system will automatically bid you one decrement below any bids entered until your minimum is reached. The system will only bid as low as required to win the auction or meet the required reserve.

Can anyone else see my minimum bid?

No, only you can see the minimum bid you've entered in the auto bid function.

What if two Sellers enter the same Minimum Bid?

The first person who entered the minimum bid will own that bid. A second Seller attempting to enter that minimum bid will be automatically notified that they have been outbid, even if the current price is the same as their minimum bid.

What currency does Jousta use on it's website?

Jousta default currency is USD. However, if the Buyer/Consultant/Seller company have a profile based in Canada AND the project address is in Canada, the site will charge fees in Canadian dollars.

If I'm a Canadian Company can I post / bid on projects outside Canada?

Yes, Canadian companies can post / bid on projects outside Canada. The fees associated with posting and bidding outside Canada are denominated in USD.